How to Connect with a New Tarot Deck

I love getting new tarot decks.  They're almost like Pokemon to me. I want to collect them all. This is a recent obsession for me with the need to collect things. I've never felt the urge to "collect them all" before, but now I understand. Every deck is different and every deck needs time to become infused with your energy. 

I currently have 5 physical tarot decks, a few oracle decks, and one tarot deck app on my phone. I know the whole phone thing sounds weird but when I need a quick answer or some quick help it's easier than pulling out a deck and doing a spread on the grocery cart.

So how do you attune to a new deck when you get one? You infuse it with your energy. You can do this in a few ways. 

#1: Blow into the deck.

The air you breathe is life. Without air, you wouldn't have life. So you blow your exhalation into the deck and infuse it with your life's force or energy.

Hold your deck in your right hand and flip through the cards on a corner while blowing your exhalation into the deck. I do this on all four corners to ensure that I push enough energy into the deck.

#2 Envision your energy going into the cards

You can hold the deck in your right hand, your receiving hand, and cover it with your left. You then want to envision light coming down from above you head, flowing through you and through your hands into the cards. This energy is your energy that you are calling down. 

#3 Let the Sun or Moon have their way

This one is less personal, but it is great for cleansing your deck. I like to leave the cards out on the windowsill overnight in the moonlight to cleanse away negative energies. Or sometimes I will walk around outside shuffling the cards in the sunlight. You can also leave them on the windowsill in the sunlight, but be careful about fading colors if you do this too frequently.

#4 Shuffle the cards

Shuffling the cards is a great way to attune them to your energy, you are physically moving them  and touching each card and your thoughts and energy are traveling through them. This is good to do during a reading or when you want to do a reading that you have been thinking about. The thoughts that you are thinking will be infused in the cards. I like to carry my cards with me all day and find myself drawn to shuffle the cards while in traffic or anytime that I need to feel a connection with them.

This is also good to do between readings to clear the cards or previous energies that may affect a new reading.

Those are the ways that I attune to my decks. Tell me what you think after you try them.