The Wheel of Fortune


Keywords fate, destiny, serendipity, Good luck, karma, life cycles, a turning point, transformation, transition, change, new beginnings, life lessons, patterns

Life is always changing and we go through cycles of good, bad, and normal. The wheel reminds us to cherish the good times and reminds us that "this too shall pass".

Be optimistic that that the Universe is taking of care of you and knows what you need. Keep an open mind synchronicities and magic from the Universe. 

Factors outside of your control are influencing the situation right now. You need to go with the flow instead of trying to control and change things. 

This could also be a turning point in your life when things are about to change. This may be unexpected, and the new path unfamiliar. Tune into your Highest Self and let your intuition guide you. 


Keywordsflux, unrest, mischance, misfortune, Bad luck, resistance to change, breaking cycles

When the card is reversed, it's about taking action on the negative situation that you may be in and working to make it better. Sometimes even going with flow requires actions. You need to take responsibility for the situation and learn from the situation to be able to move on. How could you have done things differently?

Change is scary and when you begin to fight it, you create stress on yourself. You're trying to fight fate, or destiny. Accept the situation for what it is and things will begin to move forward. You will no longer be stuck in the same situation. 

You could also be ending a cycle of negative and heading towards a more positive time. You've accepted the situation and learned the lesson that it was meant to teach.. now you can move forward into the next cycle.

Astrological: Jupiter
Gemstones: Smoky Quartz, Malachite, Black Tourmaline