Deck Review: Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Law

The Shadowscapes Tarot deck was my first pictoral deck. What I mean by this is that it was the first deck that I had to had story like pictures on all of the pip cards, or minor arcana cards. I wanted to give it a fair time before I reviewed the deck. 

For a while this was my main deck. It helped me learn tarot and be able to really connect with a deck. This I am thankful for.

Update: Now that it's been 2 years, this deck is still the deck that I connect the best to. It is the deck that I use for all of my personal readings. 

You can pick it up here on Amazon to see how you connect to it.

I would definitely recommend this deck for a beginner as this deck can have a story told with all of the cards. Although it does not follow the imagery of the Rider Waite Smith (RWS) deck, it does have enough imagery to be able to understand the meaning of each card.

The Deck

The cardstock that it comes on it a the thickest of all the decks that I have so far. It is sturdy and can withstand a lot of shuffling. As I said, I used this deck as my main deck for months. Using it daily and it only has shown minor amounts of wear.

The imagery on the cards is water colored and the artists rendition of what the cards mean to her. I fell in love with the imagery and how it wasn’t human focused like the RWS deck, this had more animals and gave me more of a nature feel. Some have said this deck makes them get a little lost in the imagery of the cards, but after a while they find it easy to use.

Here are some of my favorite cards from the deck.

 The Book

The book that comes with cards is a hefty book sporting about 250 pages has all of the images and the descriptions of the cards along with the meanings. The meanings do have to be torn out of the story of some of the cards, but without the story you may not really understand what the artist was thinking when she created the cards.

Each card has a story and the meaning which gives you a deeper look into how each card was made. Each story is more of a stand alone story than part of a larger story. Unlike the RWS deck where you have a story that you can follow with the minor arcana.

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