The Sun


Keywords: attainment, glory, positivity, fun, warmth, success, vitality, relationships, good health, joy, abundance

The Sun represents success, joy, abundance, and radiates love. You positive mindset will attract happiness wherever you go.

If you are going through a rough patch, know that things will get better. There is light and love at the end of the tunnel.

The Sun illuminates the shadows and bring out our creative energies. Now is not a time for fear and ego, it's a time for love and abundant energy. Acknowledge your blessings, you've reached a higher state of consciousness which elevates your inner growth and connects your with the Universe. You're dreams are successful and you have loads of energy pouring into them. When you keep the positive mindset of this card, good fortune will come your way. The energy that you put out, is the energy that you attract.


Keywords: disorientation, Inner child, feeling down, overly optimistic

You may be feeling lonely or going through a difficult time. if you feel like you have lost your direction, know that this setback is temporary. Stay positive and things will turn around fro you. Take some time to reconnect with your inner child- find things that you used to enjoy but no longer do because.. adulting..

You may also be struggling to see th bright side of things, feel depressed, or lost your optimism. Don't fret, things will turn out better. There is no real negative to the Sun, only a slight delay in the joy and love that it brings.

Beware of being too cocky and too optimistic. Don't let your ego take hold of your energies and run away with them. This will end with disappointment. Make sure your ideas are realistic and not too crazy that you fall into the ego's trap of  setting GIANT goals knowing you can never achieve them and letting your EGO bash you about not being able to do it.


Astrological: Sun
Gemstones: Carnelian, Citrine, Orange Kyanite