What type of Witch are You?

Types of witches are like types of people, there  are many different types, and many names for each type. Every witch is different, doing their own thing, and sometimes falling into one category or another for a time.

Not all witch’s choose to align themselves with one way of doing things, and most witches use ideas and spells from all areas. What you call your type of witchcraft is less important if you are doing things in a way that make you feel whole and connected to your authentic self.

Below are some of the common types of witches that I have come across and a short description. I have also included the sun sign that is most relatable to each type just for fun.

Hedge Witch- Sits on the “hedge” between worlds. More commonly called a shaman, or village healer. They have an affinity for the spirit world and herbs and plant for healing. This is most commonly taught by word of mouth and uses a lot of meditation and dream-work to learn for yourself.

Green Witch- Taurus- bases their magick on the use of herbs and plants. Most, if not all, have a garden of sorts. Green Witches also create powerful spells using herbs that they have acquired or grown  themselves. 

Cottage (Hearth) Witch-Cancer- a combination between Kitchen witch and Green witch. They are focused on the home (hearth). Infusing common household practices with a little bit of magick.

Crystal Witch- Gemini- works with stones, crystals and gemstones for healing. Does some work with Chakras. The energies that they tap into are very earthy energies.

Sea Witch-Pisces- uses the ocean and it’s symbols in their magick. The power of the moon and the tides can influence their magick. They will usually be found on the beach or take a lot of beach vacations.

Forest Witch- Virgo- Familiar with local plants and herbs. Prefers the forest and possibly lives there. The Forest witch is in tune with nature at it's most primal level and uses the energies of nature that's around her to create powerful spells. The plants and herbs that are used in spells are typically foraged and most have a very detailed knowledge of local plants and herbs. They also have a connection to the forest animals.

Faery Witch- Someone who is connected to the Fae Realm and can communicate with Faeries. 
Commonly associated with Green Witches, they most likely have a Faery Garden for their Fae friends. Faeries can be great allies or terrible foes and the Faerie witch has an affinity for the Fae and tends to become a great ally for them by creating spaces fro them to live and play.

Kitchen Witch- Cancer-Using magick in cooking and baking to help the people you are cooking for. Infusing energy into the foods that you consume can be very powerful if done correctly. Kitchen witches love to be in the kitchen and tend to have a knack for making foods that make people feel better for no known reason.

Lunar Witch- Leo- aligns magick with the phases of the moon. Works mostly at night. Lunar witches are very in tune with the cycles of the moon and sync up not only their magick, but their life with the moon. Syncing with the moon not only gives them power, but keeps them in touch with the Divine Feminine.

Divination Witch- Aquarius- works with tarot, tea leaf reading, palmistry, etc. Divination witches feel called to work with divination tools, and are able to really tap into their intuition while using these tools. Their intuition while using the tools allow them to relay messages from the spirit world that may otherwise be unattainable for others using the same tools.

Astronomy Witch- Capricorn- uses astronomy and astrology to align their magick. Astronomy witches have always had a fascination with the planets and the stars and may have even dreamed about going into space when they were a kid (maybe you still do). Using the alignment of the planets and stars, they are able to sync things in their lives to times when the energies are perfect.

Storm Witch -Sagittarius- has a connection to the weather. Storm witches not only have an affinity for thunderstorms or rain, but may be able to control it to a degree. They align their magick to times when the weather will give them the most power (i.e. thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc). Their goal isn't destruction, but creating good magick from the power of Mother Nature during these storms.

Nocturnal Witch-Scorpio- most work completed after midnight. Embraces darker energies of the night. Nocturnal witches are similar to lunar witches with their affinity for the moon, but Nocturnal witches are where the typical sterotype of magick in the dark comes from. These witches are typically night owls, no matter how hard they try to be a morning person. They find that their magick is more powerful when done at night.

Music Witch- Libra- Uses sounds to enhance rituals and spells. These witches find themselves very interested in sound healing and the effects that sounds have on the human body. They typically have some sort of musical affinity, whether singing or playing and instrument. They may create their own music as their spells.

Fire/Candle Witch- Aries- focus on candles, burning and working with the element of fire. Fire can be a great destroyer or a great creator. This is the fine line that these witches walk. Most witches use candles, but Fire witches find that they need candles around them and have a borderline unhealthy draw to fire. 

Techno Witch- predominantly uses technology to complete spells and rituals. Witches of the 21st century. They love to use apps on their phones or computer to create spells, keep their Book of Shadows and may even use divination tool apps. the connectedness that technology provides allows them to feel connected to their craft and they couldn't imagine "going old fashioned" and writing everything down.

Secular Witch- Secular witches practice witchcraft, but do not see it as a form of spirituality. Deities are not used in witchcraft. They manipulate the energies around them using skill and study without calling on deities for assistance.

Hereditary Witch- Witchcraft has usually been passed down through the family, by oral learning, 
weird traditions, or formal learning. Many hereditary witches are taught witchcraft by a family member and have their own way of doing things which may not line up with the more common ways of doing things. They are typically raised using witchcraft in their daily life or are at least familiar with it.

Eclectic Witch- Eclectic witches don’t choose a specific type, but they pick and choose what they like from each type and use it as their own. This is more common in solitary practitioners and more common in today’s witches than it was previously.

When, and if, you choose a type, use it as a guide, but don't set it in stone. Let all ways to connect to the Universe and Mother Earth be open to you.

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