12 Signs Your Clairaudient

Clairaudience is the ability to hear spirits, internally or externally.  It can manifest as other sounds in your environment, or like a radio in the distance. Even if you don’t pay attention to it, it may still be there when things are quiet.

This should not be confused with mental illness, even though they both can hear voices..
Spirits are usually brief and to the point- they don’t hang around and they never prevent functionality.

 Signs Your Clairaudient:

  1. You talk to yourself a lot
  2. You hear voices that are rational and seem to give great advice
  3. You give great advice
  4. You’re a comforter (therapist, counselor, coach, nurse, etc.)
  5. You hear ringing and buzzing in your ears a lot
  6. You hear whispering, talking noise, or radio in the distance. This is often spirit talk.
  7. You hear people calling your name when no one is around.
  8. You hear knocking or foot steps, creaking noises that’s not your house settling
  9. You hear someone talk to you, but they didn’t
  10. You hear things other people don’t- like hums of buildings
  11. Sudden inspiration just comes to you out of nowhere
  12. You hear messages all around you – Tv- radio other people- that seem like they were meant just for you.


Phantom Quartz

 How to Enhance Your Clairaudience:

Practice listening to others. This could be yours guides or other people. Listen to see if you can get to the root of what they’re saying. The more you listen to others to hear their emotions, the easier it will be to hear messages from spirits.

Become Familiar with where you hear your clairaudience. Most times your clairaudience will happen in your head because spirits lack voice boxes and physical forms. Pay attention to where you actually hear your messages.

Meditate with your intention. When you sit down to meditate, set the intention that you want o increase your clairaudience. Quiet your mind and focus on sounds that you typically don’t focus on, like your breath, or the trickle of water. After a while, you may begin to notice sounds that are not from your immediate environment. If you don’t hear anything the first time, that’s ok. It may take a few tries for you to hear something different.