Tarot Spread: Weekly Wellness

When doing tarot spreads, there is a lot of focus on specific situations. I wanted to create a spread that gives a really good overview of the week that focus on what a lot of people focus on.. their wellness.

What do I consider wellness?

I consider wellness to be anything that you do to improve yourself and take care of yourself. Things like health, fitness, self care, mental health, being positive, getting outside, going inside yourself etc.

So I created this wellness spread to give myself an overview of everyday aspects that people think about everyday. I wanted something more than a Mind Body Soul spread and felt guided to create this spread.

The Card Positions

Card 1

Connecting to your inner or true self is important to be the best person that you can be. This is what you can do to better connect to your true self this week.

Card 2

What you need to know about your food. Eating healthy is an important part of taking care of yourself and this is what you need to know about eating healthy this week.

Card 3

What you need to know about movement. Movement doesn't just mean going to the gym, it could be going for a walk after dinner, or getting up from your desk more. 

Card 4

How to take care of yourself this week. This card talks about your self care. This is an area that you can focus on this week that may need some TLC. This could contain things like taking time to meditate, taking a bath, a Netflix and chill sessions, curling up with a good book, etc.

Card 5

This card tells you about the obstacles that you may run into this week. What may obstruct you living the healthiest week.

Now, I know this different from most spreads, but make sure to use you intuition when reading the cards because a lot of the time, the most common meanings may not make sense.

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If you try this spread leave me a comment and tell me what you think about it.

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